Life teaches us.  We resist. Life teaches us harder.  We resist further, we suffer, and we die.

As souls, each of us has come into this world to evolve towards being better human beings.  Each moment of our life we have the option to move in a direction that supports this evolution—or not.  Intuitive living is learning how to tune in to the knowing, not thinking, part of our being, and make decisions that contribute to our individual evolution and the evolution of all sentient beings.

Evolution is:

  • The letting go of beliefs.
  • Becoming the best you can be.
  • An ever-enlarging spiral of compassion for ourselves and others. 
  • The expansion of love.

One need only look at a daily newspaper to understand that the world, in general, is NOT making decisions based on what is best for the evolution of mankind.   This is not to say that the world is not perfect, for how can a perfect God not create a perfect world.  It is just that this perfect world is perfect if we wish to suffer.   Unfortunately, folks seem to learn best when motivated by suffering.  Fortunately, intuitive living is the path with the “least” suffering.

Intuitive living is about committing yourself to make decisions based on the good of all sentient beings.   This may appear as means to martyrdom, This is NOT the case.  You, too, are a sentient being.  Decisions made based on what is good for all sentient beings INCLUDES you.

Our rational mind, which until recently gave our species an evolutionary edge, now appears to be working to our detriment.  This rational mind, much like a computer, only works as well as the information it receives.   Garbage in/Garbage out.   The state of the world, on all levels, religious, political, environmental even spiritual is a direct reflection of the quality and veracity of the information we, as a species, have at our disposal. 

If we wish to change the world, and therefore ourselves, we need a different source of information.  A source of information that knows each and all of us implicitly, and the only purpose of which is to support our evolution as sentient beings.   Intuitive living is learning to make decisions based on a commitment to help ourselves and the world around us become  “better.”  Intuitive living is learning how NOT to make decisions based on the distorted, festering, cornucopia of information that we are subjected to daily.

Just Say No

This website is about how to make the most of every instant of our life by making decisions that are aligned with that part of you that KNOWS exactly what is needed. This way of life, of commitment to being the best human being you can be, is Intuitive living.

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