What Is Needed

What you need to live the Intuitive Life

A willingness to change—to do “whatever it takes” to be the better you.
A commitment to the growth/evolution of all sentient beings, including yourself.
A set of beliefs—or at least a well-developed ability to suspend disbelief.

Practicing an intuitive life does rest upon taking on a small number of beliefs.  We might then question that if evolution is the letting go of beliefs, it would appear counterintuitive to need beliefs to eliminate them.

The response is that we will always have some beliefs/ego until all sentient beings become enlightened.   The workaround for this dilemma is to use your beliefs like clothing.  Wear them for the duration of their need—when you are done, put them aside.  You will find that different beliefs may best serve your evolution at different times, but never forget that All will become unnecessary sooner or later.

 To get the most out of living intuitively, I have found the following beliefs to be helpful:

A note to skeptics:   Hopefully, many of you have the capacity for skepticism.  An admirable quality in this world of philosopher charlatans.   Skeptics can have some difficulty with taking on beliefs.   The remedy for this is suspending disbelief.  In the very act of suspending disbelief, a tiny crack is opened for spirit to enter your life.  You do NOT have to believe.  You only have not to disbelieve.  Once there is an opening, life will provide the experiences you need to convert suspended disbelief to genuine knowledge (not belief).

Belief  #1   There is a God (Deity of your choice). This God has the qualities of being:  Boundless and omnipotent, omniscient; Unconditionally loving; limitless In its compassion; and Perfect— as are you, the world, and ALL of creation.
Belief #2  The purpose of life is to evolve. Evolution is the process of letting go of those things we are not— the history of our lives.  Evolution is the manifesting of our true nature—the God within.   
Belief #3  A belief in reincarnation Not really necessary but is an excellent metaphor for practicing detachment.   
 Belief #4 There is no separation between ourselves and all sentient life  Whether one is aware or not, all beings feel every act of darkness, as well as every kindness.  We suffer as one, we evolve as one, and we will only return to the embrace of the one true God together.  Enlightenment is a group sport!
Belief #5  The perfection of all things. The universe is inherently perfect and benevolent.  All that has happened, is happening, and will happen to you — the ideal environment to evolve.  When you view the history of your life as a well-orchestrated assembly of opportunities to become a better human being—objectivity, understanding, kindness, and compassion will follow.
Belief #6  There are NO victims As an integral part of the perfection of all things, you are responsible for everything
Belief #7   The mind lies; the body speaks the truth. A friend of mine reflected on how the little “i” looks like a head detached from its body—the Big “I,” a body anchored between Earth and Heaven.  Intuitive living is about learning to be the Big I.  Standing firmly between heaven and Earth, their wisdom translated through the body.
The mind is the great deceiver.  It defines its existence by suffering.  When we transcend the mind, our true nature observes the ego’s antics with detachment—and we no longer are driven into the future by our past.

Suffering was the only thing that made me feel I was alive”
—Carley Simon—
Belief #7½     I don’t know how to believe. What to do if that internal skeptic or cynic resists belief?  Recognize first that the voice of that doubt is also a belief.  If you choose not to believe, at least be consistent.  Then SUSPEND DISBELIEF.  The Mantra is “I don’t know.” The action is to take on the beliefs above and see if the intuitive life adds quality to your life. 


Unlike the devious mind, the body cannot deceive.   Observe animals in nature, not thinking but listening with their bodies.  They KNOW when they are in danger, what foods to eat, when to sleep, whom to be with, and whom to avoid.  They understand what is and what is not needed.   They move efficiently through life.  We are also animals—and we too can KNOW rather than think.  Why spend hours laboring over daily decisions: Health, relationships, money; Whom to date, what to eat, what supplements to take;  Which health scheme, diet, or vaccine is safe or suitable?  The body KNOWS all these answers.  It constantly lets us know the “right action” that will bring us to the next higher level of function.   We just need to learn to pay attention!

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