Refining Your Q/A

Refining your Questions and Answers

How do we know what questions to ask?
Once we have the question, how do we know which answers are options?

When we have problems or concerns, we use the techniques of intuitive living to resolve these issues.  Often we may have a question but no answers from which to choose.  Being mindful and paying attention to life will show you the answers you need.  These answers can come from anywhere; Friends and family, homeless folks, therapists and gurus, The TV/internet/movies, our thoughts, and even our dreams.   The absolute perfect options for all of your concerns are always available IF you pay attention. The ways spirit/god/universe speaks to us are plentiful:

Some folks call them signs, omens, messages, accidents, conversations, or coincidences.

You are walking down the street thinking about whether you should quit your job as an au pair. You pass a bench with an ad for courses in welding.  Most would walk right by and continue to perseverate about whether to keep their job or not.   However, being committed to intuitive living, you would connect the thought you were thinking, and the information presented.    Change jobs?  An advertisement for welding?  Hmmm?  So we now have a question to ask—to weld or not?  We proceed with the technique. 

Do I have access to the information regarding whether I need to become a welder?   If yes:

Am I genuinely detached from the answer?  If not, do the work to see the perfection to either be or not to be a welder.  Then ask the question.

Is it for mine, the planet’s, and all sentient beings’ highest good to pursue a career in welding?

If the answer is yes, move forwards and do not hesitate.  Life will support your decision

One of my favorite ways of obtaining information when I have a question is using automatic writing.  Now I am not talking about going into a trance and having some dubious spirit move through me and give me answers— just because someone is dead does not make them necessarily wise or useful.

The technique I prefer is to sit in front of my keyboard and pretend/imagine/relax into the feeling that there IS a part of me that IS the creator.  I then ask the questions as the small me and answer as the creator.   I let my fingers do the talking.  What I write at that moment often may not make sense or sound contrived.  However, when read later, the kernels of clarity become evident.  Another way is to imagine if whatever higher being you believe in could answer your questions.  What would they say?

When using this method, be aware that: 

If it is not nice, it is not right:
Spirit will never speak in negatives!
Spirit will never order or command!
Spirit will never judge and will ALWAYS forgive

Once you have obtained some possible answers to your questions then run them through the intuitive living algorithm.
This type of automatic writing can be a great source of useful information.  However, it is pretty easy for the small “i” to sneak in its two cents.  ALWAYS  CHECK!


Many years ago, I was living in Maui.  I was practicing as a Rolfer and enjoying the lush spiritual community of upcountry.  It had been a long journey to get to Maui.  Having spent nine years in Japan and years afterward traveling and teaching without a home.  In Maui, I had finally found a place to settle down.

At that time, I was in a therapy called Sand play.  I love Sand play because there is rarely any dialogue between the therapist and the client.  In Sand play, you are in a room with most of the walls covered with shelves.  Miniature archetypes of all aspects of life sit upon these shelves.   In the center of the room, there is a one-square-meter box filled with sand.  The client spends the session creating scenes in the sand using the miniature archetypes from the shelves.  Through these scenes, the psyche works out its conscious and subconscious concerns.  To the degree the client can “play” in the sand,  the deeper the work.

I pulled a stethoscope from one of the shelves during one of these sessions and added it to my creation.  At the end of the session, which usually involved me saying a simple goodbye to the therapist, She said to me (unusual for her to say anything), “have you ever thought about becoming a doctor.”  I was 48 years old.  The idea of going back to school for another nine years was unattractive.  However, as my commitment to paying attention to how spirit communicates with me and acting on that information, I ran the idea through the intuitive living process.  First, I reached a state of detachment from the answer.  No easy task as it required me to let go of my life in Maui,  spending 9 of my remaining years of life in school, possibly taking on a quarter-million dollars in debt, and entering a world of science and medicine that I had rejected as an alternative medicine practitioner for over 20 years.  Finally, after a significant amount of soul searching, I felt I could objectively ask the question as to whether to pursue medical school or not.  Was I 100 percent unattached to the answer?  No.  However, having worked this process for many years, I was confident I could be detached enough, for long enough, to get a clear answer.

Having reached a point of detachment and clarifying that I had access to the answer, I asked the question.  Was it for mine and the planet’s highest good to become a physician?  I was surprised when the answer was an unequivocal yes.  And so, my journey began.

One of the pleasant consequences of intuitive living is that you are in “the flow.” When your goals/needs align with the needs of the many, the Universe/Creator will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.  The fact that I was able to complete the journey to becoming a  physician at my age and with my non-traditional life history was, at least to me, significant proof of the power and benevolence of the creator.

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