“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Intuitive living is a powerful tool.  It frees your life force to move rapidly and efficiently to a higher level of compassion and love.  As you progress, you will be able to assess others as well as yourself.   When you arrive at this point, you first need to ask whether it is appropriate to make and share such an assessment.   Unless asked to help and given permission to do so, it is always better to just observe and love folks as they are!

Use common sense!  Consider the following guidelines. 

If your communication from your body suggests you do something that in any way harms yourself or anyone else—that is NOT the expression of the one true God.  STOP at once!  A good rule of thumb for what is harmful to others is when we impose our will upon them.  I.e. murder, theft, abuses of all nature, or any of the other myriad of ways we try to manipulate those around us.

However, when decisions involving other folks, such as work and relationships, are made with detachment and clarity, the results are perfect for you AND those affected.  How those around you react to your decision is THEIR choice.   You are NOT imposing your will on them.  If you are clear that the next perfect step in your evolution is to change jobs or relationships, then trust that how that affects those around you is ALSO perfect.   Asking for answers directed to the evolution of ALL sentient beings assures us that our actions will support all those affected as well.

There will be times when you will need to make decisions for those incapable of making decisions for themselves.  The best example is children.  Initially, every decision in their life will be yours to decide.  However, as they mature, the decisions that they need to make in their daily life will increase.  Knowing when to intervene and which intervention will support their evolution is one of the great gifts of intuitive living.

Intuitive living will help you in all aspects of your life.  Remember the four steps.

1. Do you have access to the information?  If not, STOP!
2. Are you genuinely detached from the answer?  If not, do the work to see the perfection in either a yes or no answer.
3. Once detached, ask ONLY for answers that serve the highest good for yourself AND all sentient beings.
4. Once you have your answer move forwards and DO NOT hesitate, LIFE will support your decision.

Start slow, with questions and answers for which you have no attachment.  Answers that surprise or disappoint are a good sign as it indicates that you are learning to detach from the wants of the small “i”  long enough to get clear answers.  On the other hand, if you are getting answers that consistently align with the wants of the small “i,” then you may need to work on your detachment skills.

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