Why might you wish to live intuitively

You Feel Like a Victim

When you live the intuitive life you can no longer sustain the illusion of being a victim.  You trust absolutely that every event, trauma, experience in life was perfectly orchestrated by a compassionate loving universe to bring you to your highest loving self.

  Living intuitively YOU  are the captain of your life and you make your choices.  Sometimes these choices result in increased suffering and at those times you trust that this is the LEAST suffering necessary for you to progress on your evolutionary path.    Great spirit, god, Jesus, Buddha, the universe,  that small flame of the creator within all of us, will  ALWAYS use the mildest of lessons possible at all times.  That being said, there is a reason that some say that Earth is the place for souls that are slow learners.

You Are Unfulfilled

The nature of evolution is that whatever makes you feel fulfilled will, over time,  no longer be fulfilling.   If you are doing the work you are guaranteed to experience disillusionment with every aspect of those things that you thought had meaning.  Intuitive Living will move you through these difficult and empty times as rapidly as possible. With the commitment to this “road less traveled” the despair and emptiness of your life become initially at least bearable, and eventually disappear as your true nature fills that existential void deep within you.

You are confused and bewildered by your own thinking

It is impossible for the mind to know the truth.  The purpose of the mind is to keep us asleep.  To keep us enthralled with the drama of our life.   Whether it is concerned about relationships, work, money, power, sex, or spirituality, the mind will fixate on these “dilemas”  thus sustaining itself.  The mind/ego is relentless in its efforts, as without our belief in its multiple stories, it loses its hold on us.

Therefore, the more aware we are of the patterns of the mind, the greater our chance of making decisions without its influence, and subsequently,  increasing our capacity to love, and decreasing our suffering.

You Have Anxiety Making Decisions, Both Large and Small

Every moment of our life we need to make decisions.   Simple decisions on what to eat, wear, drink, when to sleep, or how to spend our free time.   More complex decisions like whom to date or marry, which spiritual path to follow, which type of healing is best, which doctor, what work shall I do, what education do I need or not need.   The list is endless, and the time we spend perseverating over these decisions, is arduous and extensive.   Most of us operate simply on automatic.  We are led by a mind making decisions based solely on a history of trauma, false beliefs about ourselves, and logical answers stemming from incorrect premises.  The more complex the decision, the higher the anxiety. Sometimes the fear is so potent that we freeze into a state of indecision.    Living intuitively does away with the pressure around decision-making.  You make your decision based on a source of knowledge unbiased by the mind and committed to what is best for you and your fellow man.

Your Relationships Are Troublesome

Intuitive living applied to relationships is not easy.   We project our deepest and darkest attachments upon those we love most.   In many relationships, there is an unconscious commitment to trigger negative patterns in each other—thus keeping the individual egos happy in their suffering.    Getting clear answers about relationships can be difficult.  To do so, you must be objective—not something for which relationships are known.  In these instances, intuitive living will help you become aware that you are not objective and the process will guide you to the exact help you need

Work Is Troublesome

This one is easier.   Although detaching yourself from money takes a bit of effort.  Applying the process of intuitive living will allow you to find enjoyable, meaningful work with which you can thrive and evolve

You Lack Purpose In Your Life

Intuitive living IS the purpose of life!

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