The Technique:   Arm Length Difference

This technique was developed by the medical Intuitive and healer Dr. Byron Gentry.
It has served me well.

Step #1 Bend over comfortably so that your arms and hands hang freely in front of you, but do not let your hands touch the ground.  Relax the shoulder girdle, neck, arms, and hands.  Let your head relax.

Step #2 Lightly swing the arms out from each other,  gently straighten the wrist and fingers of the hands.  Then,  while focusing on your question, keeping the arms and hands relaxed and straight, bring the hands together.   For most folks, the relationship between the left and right fingertips will differ for negative or positive answers.

Step #3 We need to calibrate this technique to clarify which response is a yes or no.  We calibrate by asking two questions.  The first is a question to which you know, with absolute certainty, that the answer is a yes (positive).  Note the position of the fingertips.  The second is a question to which you know, with absolute certainty, the answer is a no(negative), and again note the position of the fingertips.  The relationship of the fingertips is not important!.  What is important is that you have a consistent, reproducible, and different response to either positive or negative questions.

Step #4 Once you have established reproducible yes and no answers, you have calibrated your body for that technique and may start to access the information you need.


Why do I not get reproducible answers for my known yes and no questions?

There are a number of causes for this. The most frequent is not being able to keep fully focused on the question. ANY doubts about the method or ambiguity about the Yes or No question will create havoc. You can have NO doubt about what your are asking. Work with known facts. Is the apple in front of me red? Is my biological sex XX or XY? The mind is the devil, do NOT overthink this. If you have the slightest doubts about your question and answer this will not work.

Why is there no difference in my arm length?

This is pretty unusual. The chances of you being perfectly symmetric is unlikely. Work on relaxing the arms, not focusing on their position but on the question. If still difficult you might wish to initially work with a friend with the variation of this technique below.

Technique Variation–2 person

A second way to do this is with a partner.  The process is the same as the technique except one of you is passive while the other will pull either your arms or legs with equal intensity.  This method takes into account the entire body’s response to negative or positive while at the same time allowing you to focus on the question

To start, lie on your back.  Your partner places themselves at either your head or your feet.  While focusing on your question, ask your partner to pull either arms or legs with equal force gently.  As in the previous method, you must first calibrate as discussed above before asking your questions.

A few caveats.   Do NOT tell your partner the question!  If they know the question, there is a possibility they may consciously or unconsciously influence the result.


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